StopWaste at School


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Harvest Park Students Create Recycling Outreach Video

Leadership students at Harvest Park Middle School produced a short Public Service Announcement to help educate their peers about the new and improved waste sorting stations at lunch.  This year, Harvest Park has removed a number of unpaired trash cans from the l...


Harvest Park Middle School

Student-Run Recycling Program How-to Guide

American High School has a program that collects all classrooms’ recycling once a week. Water bottles, glass bottles, #2 plastics, and aluminum cans are separated and cashed in at a recycling center to gain funds for the program. Here's a description of their progra...


American High School

Student Leadership - SWAP MEET

  Join the StopWaste Ambassador Program (SWAP) for a weekend of environmental leadership training May 14th and 15th at Camp Arroyo in Livermore. Organized by StopWaste and the Alameda County Office of Education, the SWAP Meet is open to middle and high school ...



4Rs Outreach: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot

At Alameda Community Learning Center, Facilitator Adriana Lombard’s seventh and eighth grade science classes have been working hard to educate the ACLC Community about the 4Rs -Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot. During a series of four Wednesday classes, students learned h...


Alameda Community Learning Center

Berkeley High Students Help Promote Zero-Waste at Cal

On January 21st, 17 enthusiastic and environmentally conscious Berkeley High School students volunteered to help reduce waste and educate the public at the Cal Basketball game versus Arizona State. The student leaders arrived early to Haas Pavilion in Berkeley to rec...


Berkeley High

Seeing is Believing

Sometimes, finding students to bin monitor during lunch time is hard. When you do find willing participants, how do you give them the confidence and sense of authority to tell their fellow peers how to sort properly? At Canyon Middle School in Castro Valley, they disc...


Canyon Middle School

Recycling at Centerville Jr. High

There is something amazing happening at Centerville Jr. High during Mr. Vilkins Leadership class, and most of the students on campus don’t even know. Every Friday during fifth period, the twenty five students in Leadership class collect 22 recycling bins and 18 compos...


Centerville Jr. High

Cooking with Rescued Food

On November 5th students at Walters Junior High were probably asking, ‘What is on the menu for Ms. McDowell’s Foods Class’? The answer was some delicious Apple and Carrot Cake, but the ingredients were different than usual. To make these desserts, th...


Walters Junior High

Custodians are Key to a Sustainable School Campus

After only a year at Horner Jr. High in Fremont, custodian Liz North has made herself a part of the community by working to keep the school green and doing it with pride. Liz was originally placed at Kennedy High School, and this is where her sorting education starte...


Horner Jr. High

Bancroft Middle School Helps UC Berkeley Recycle

After going 14-0 and winning their league's flag football championship, Bancroft Middle School was invited to help Cal Athletics compete in the Gameday Recycling Challenge, a national competition to reduce waste at major college sporting events. 30 students, parents ...


Bancroft Middle School

Classroom Recycling at Walters Jr. High

Every Tuesday and Thursday morning, you can find Lisa Alves’ Leadership class roaming the halls before the bell at Walters Jr. High in Fremont. It’s only the third week of school, and already they are in the groove of visiting assigned classrooms to empty their recycl...


Walters Junior High

Best Practices in Lunch Time Waste Reduction at Walters Jr. H…

The 7th an 8th grade students at Walters Junior High School in Fremont are recycling and composting Super Stars. This is clear when visiting the outdoor lunch area during the noon hour. They are well versed in knowing the correct bin in which to put their milk cartons...


Walters Junior High

LEAF 2015

Alameda County’s 2015 Leadership and Environmental Action Forum (LEAF) took place May 30-31 at Camp Arroyo in Livermore. Nearly 100 students from 15 middle and high schools participated in a weekend of environmental leadership training organized by StopWaste, the Alam...



Gift Making from Reclaimed Materials

~Article and photos submitted by Patricia Williamson On Friday, December 12th, the Alameda Community Learning Center Environmental Leadership class hosted a gift making project night with reused materials. The Environmental Leadership Class had been working for mont...


Alameda Community Learning Center

Environmentally Friendly Car Wash Fundraisers

Car washes are popular fundraisers for many school groups, however, these events can come with an environemntal cost. Solvents, road pollution, brake materials and other contaminants can was into gutters and storm drains polluting our water ways. New guidance from Al...



Water Savvy Garden Design: A Case Study in San Lorenzo

On Friday, October 24th, a group of slightly nervous graduate students from UC Berkeley revealed their draft water-savvy landscape design plans to an expert group of San Lorenzo community members: students from San Lorenzo High School. 2014 opened with mixed messages...


San Lorenzo High School

Montera Celebrates Mr. Mike

A basic principle of reducing food waste is to make food so good that people want to eat it all up.  At Montera Middle School, Mr. Mike strives to do just that. In October, Mike was recognized by Oakland Unified School District's Nutrition Services Department ...



Dumpster Data Report

Bay Farm School teacher and Go Green Coordinator Michele Kuttner provides a periodic "Dumpster Data Report" via all-staff email to report progress and challenges related to the school's waste reduction efforts. When Kuttner arrives in the morning that dumpsters are s...


Bay Farm School

Where Do Your Clothes Come From?

AP Environmental Studies students at Alameda High School produced a short video investigating the question, "Where do your clothes come from?" Their research showed that the vast majority of clothing purchased in the United States is shipped from overseas which incurs...


Alameda High School

swap-meet-2-food-waste-forum Food waste is a moral, economic, and environmental problem.  In the United States, 40% of the food that we produce is wasted (NRDC). Modest...
leaf-2015 Alameda County’s 2015 Leadership and Environmental Action Forum (LEAF) took place May 30-31 at Camp Arroyo in Livermore. Nearly 100 students from 15...
fixit-clinics-march-2015-slwrp-meeting The March 3, 2015 SLWRP network meeting focused on the topic of repair and featured a workshop hosted by Fixit Clinic founder Peter Mui. Fixit Clinics...
2014-2015-slwrp-kick-off-meeting-looking-back-looking-ahead Looking Back & Looking Ahead On Thursday, October 2 the SLWRP network met at the Davis St. Transfer Station in San Leandro to kick off the...

Grants and Contests

The Bee Cause Project is seeking to install 1,000 beehives in s schools to stimulate curiosity in young people about the importance of honey bees in our...
1618 invites teens in the U.S. to apply for grants to fund their community service ideas across any one of 16 issue areas,...
The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation (FTPF) is an award-winning international nonprofit charity dedicated to planting fruitful trees and plants to...
The Karma for Cara Foundation is encouraging kids 18 and under to apply for funds between $250 and $1,000 to complete service projects in their...

School Recycling Toolkit