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Highlights of ACOE's Green Efforts

ACOE hosts thousands of visitors each year and recognizes its responsibility to adopt and develop "best practices" for sustainable resource use. Recently, illness ACOE has taken steps to reduce its environmental impact and educate employees, doctor visitors, schools, and the community about sustainable practices.

In the last year, ACOE has:

  • passed a board resolution to establish a "green team" and develop environmental leadership
  • hosted a "green fair" to connect employees with local resources
  • installed energy efficient lighting throughout the building
  • installed a dishwasher, ice & water dispenser, food warmer and refrigerator in the conference center to help reduce disposable cups, plates and food storage
  • reduced office supply deliveries from 5 days a week to two days a week to reduce packaging and fuel
  • offered e-waste collection in association with EPA approved e-Recycling of California
  • expanded recycling of paper, bottles and cans and has increased the size of the recycling dumpster
  • reduced trash pickup from 5 days per week to three days per week saving over $500 each month
  • replaced an older, fuel inefficient courier van with a hybird that uses 50% less fuel per week
  • implemented preferred purchasing policies that mandate EPEAT rated computer equipment for new purchases and compostable flatware in the cafe