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East Bay Depot

Founded by teachers, the mission of the East Bay Depot is to divert waste materials from landfills by collecting and redistributing discarded goods as low-cost supplies for art, education, and social services in our Depot Store. The educational mission is to increase the awareness of school children and the general public regarding the green benefits of reusing materials.

Tips for a Waste-Wise Holiday Season

The holidays provide a great opportunity for teachers to model responsible waste-reducing behavior in the classroom, and to offer students suggestions for how they can enjoy the festivities at home without generating waste.

Green Gift-Giving

Gift Wrapping

Refuse to purchase new gift-wrap. Instead use:

  • Scarves, handkerchiefs or bandannas
  • Old posters and maps
  • Your children's artwork
  • Old sheet music.
  • Last year's holiday paper (press with warm iron if wrinkled).
  • Wallpaper scraps
  • Fabric scraps
  • Sunday comic pages.
  • A plain box decorated with leftover glitter, paint, markers, etc.
  • Check out this website for creative waste-free wrapping:


  • Commit to no disposables: use "real" tableware; if you don't have enough, borrow some.
  • Buy baked goods and appetizers in bulk, rather than pre-packaged party trays.
  • Make potlucks "waste free" by requesting that guests avoid party trays of food.
  • Avoid purchased, single-use, table decorations; have your students/children create them out of left over cards, calendars, ribbons, etc.
  • Cut up last year's holiday cards and use as place cards.
  • Use outdated calendars taped together to make a unique New Year's tablecloth.

Depot Dispatch- Architectural Prints

The East Bay Depot has just received 2, price 000 professionally mounted architectural prints that were donated by U.C. Berkeley Department of Architecture after the prints were digitized.

The collection comprises over 2,000 photographs and architectural drawings of buildings of the world throughout history, mounted on 11x14" mat board.  The prints are labeled with the style of architecture, building name, date and country.

Print #1Print #1Print #2Print #2Print #3Print #3

This collection of art prints is the essence of our reuse mission, and we are very excited to make these available to the Depot community at a very low cost.

The prints are on sale for $1 per piece.

Depot Dispatch- Free Book Covers

The East Bay Depot For Creative Reuse has a large number of blank, doctor hardback, book covers.  Use these book covers to promote student writing and literacy, create student portfolios, and more.  Each cover has adhesive inside surfaces to easily bind inserted materials.  Teachers can pick up a free class set or 30-60 covers at the Depot. For more information, call 510.547.6470.

Pink BookcoverPink Bookcover  Blue BookcoverBlue Bookcover