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Litterati Scavenger Hunt

EarthTeam and the Service-Learning Waste Reduction Project have teamed up with Litterati to organize the Litterati Scavenger Hunt for participants of #LEAF2014. Participation is easy and you can win fantastic prizes for doing your part to help save the planet by finding at least one item in each of the categories listed below:



Between Wednesday, May 21- Friday, June 6, find, photograph, and clean-up as many items as you can using Litterati.

  1. Find a piece of litter
  2. Photograph it with Instagram
  3. Hashtag your photograph with #litterati, #LEAF2014 and the category (e.g.: #shattered). Feel free to add any other interesting/relevant tags such as material type, company name, etc.
  4. Properly dispose of the litter
  5. Read this important note about safety*
  6. Participants in Service-Learning Waste Reduction Project and EarthTeam programs are eligible to win prizes.

Win fabulous prizes!

Every participant from #LEAF2014 who successfully completes the scavenger hunt will win an autographed CD from Buckeye Knoll (Doug Streblow’s band), and a poster of the Resilience characters from Miss Alameda.

Grand Prize: an autographed print of the “Butt Crack” photo by Litterati founder Jeff Kirschner will go to the contestant with the best overall collection of photos in all seven categories as judged by a panel of environmental leaders.

Runner up: an autographed copy of “My Plastic Free Life” from 2013 LEAF Keynote presenter Beth Terry.

Category Prizes:

The Grand Prize winner will receive a signed print of Jeff Kirschner's Butt Crack photo.The Grand Prize winner will receive a signed print of Jeff Kirschner's Butt Crack photo.

Category descriptions


Find a littered item from a company that you like, but you wish did a better job reducing litter. The brand name should be featured prominently in your photo.


Find a littered item that should never have been thrown away. This might include lost items like keys or photographs; personal items like notes or letters; or simply items that you think do not belong in the trash, recycling, or compost. See if you can find something that you want to keep.


Find a littered item and/or take a litter photo that best captures the idea of “#decay.” Decay might be suggested by the item itself, the setting of the photo, or some other visual cue.


Find a littered item that captures the spirit of being “#shattered.” You might find something broken into small pieces or something that represents broken hopes.


Take a beautiful photo of litter that you find in a “#scenic” location.


Find a piece of litter that captures one definition of #vice as, “a bad habit.” Vice litter is not only bad for the planet, but it often also reflect harm humans do to themselves. Vice litter might include tobacco product waste, alcohol related items, junk food wrappers, soda bottles, etc.


Many littered plastic items find their way into streams that drain to the ocean. At sea, many animals mistake the plastic for food resulting in death. Using the photograph of a dead albatross, find an item that the bird mistook for food. Note, the image is disturbing and you should click through with caution, or do the alternate assignment below.


In literature an albatross represents a curse of guilt felt by a character- perhaps most famously in “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” where, “Instead of the cross, the Albatross | About my neck was hung.”  Find an item that represents a curse of guilt, perhaps some item that you yourself use, but you wish you didn’t because of its environmental impacts.

The fine print:

  • This scavenger hunt is open to participants of #LEAF2014.
  • All photos must be uploaded to Instagram before 11:59 PM, Wednesday, May 28
  • Each photo must be tagged #litterati #LEAF2014 and include the category tag too
  • A panel of judges from EarthTeam and ACOE will determine winners
  • Use common sense safety:
    • BE AWARE of your surroundings (don’t get trampled on the sidewalk just to get the perfect picture, stay out of traffic, etc)
    • DON’T touch dangerous or nasty stuff (needles, personal hygiene items, toxic waste, etc) DO notify authorities (custodians, administrators, fire fighters, etc) who can properly and safely dispose of dangerous/nasty stuff.
    • STAY CLEAN. Consider using gloves or tools to pick stuff up. Wash your hands with soap and water after disposing of litter.

 Most Recent Entries

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