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GSC- "Greening Curriculum: From Boardroom to Classroom"

Notes From the Green Schools Conference

Moderated by Duke Graham, featuring:

  • Jay Gonzalez, LA Unified Office of Curriculum and Instruction, who encourages educators to start with the world as your classroom, engaging students and working within your community.
  • John Zinner, CHPS coordinator in LA Unified, believes that the building itself can be the basis for curriculum.
  • Jim Bologna, LEED Coordinator for Windward School, a private school in LA was able to involve students and received Gold rating through LEED.
  • Allison Suffet-Diaz works for Lawndale schools, shared some of the improvements at her site including urbanite amphitheatre, rain barrels and incorporation of a river that runs through the site. She strongly believes in the importance of turning the inside of a school into the outside.

The panel commented on several questions posed by the moderator. "Is teaching Green curriculum mandatory?" EEI is coming soon for k-12 students but it is not Green curriculum is not mandatory. 65% of water used at a school is used for irrigation and can be used to teach rational functions, an algebra standard. Leverage LEED certification data gathering to be completed by students. Work with community partners to see what they can "bring to the table" and connect with history's Industrial Revolution to define progress, developing progress on campus. Most schools don't even know how much they spend on energy and water. Schools can develop a baseline and then find ways to reduce consumption.

"What organizations and/or resources have been helpful for you?" Recommended resources include: