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GSC- Thursday Keynotes

Notes from the Green Schools Conference

Sarah Laimon, works with Environmental Charter Schools and has started a Green Ambassadors program.

She stated that eco-literacy is the single biggest need for students to face the future. She believes that students need to understand the entire picture and that humans are part of the universe. Students need to see the universe, find the trend and then base their future around that trend. The Green Ambassadors program gives students a chance to learn while earning university credits.

Norma Williamson is the solar energy coordinator for La Mirada High School.

The indoor air quality at her high school was so bad that teachers brought their own air filters. However, after an extensive modernization remodel, indoor air quality was significantly improved. She believes that it is the role of high school students to keep teacher honest because they challenge teachers constantly. She shared the process of modernizing her own home which includes dual pane windows, insulation in the ceiling and walls, skylights and solar tubes, dual pump hvac system, Energy Star appliances, solar system which produces 220 watts of power, back up battery system and even an electric car. All of these improvements turned a 1970's track home into a net zero home, producing more energy than it uses. She encouraged all high schools to look for the CDE's grants to implement Green Academies, to produce the next generation of green workers.