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Silk Flower Pin or Magnet

Silk Flower PinSilk Flower PinYet another project I love! Perhaps I should stop saying this in my introductions. I found this idea on Vintage Image Craft and thought I could repurpose the project. Here is my take on this project. Lots of silk flowers (actually nylon most of the time) end up at thrift stores or garage sales. Discarded floral arrangements can be a bounty for the thrifty and creative.

Materials needed:

  • silk flowers - several colors and shapes, daisies, hydrangeas and chrysanthemums work great
  • water based glue like Mod Podge and/or Tacky Glue 
    paint brush 
    flat backed marbles or globs 
    picture or saying printed on heavier weight paper 
    marking pen 
    pin back or magnet 
    felt (I found EcoFi, a felt made from post consumer plastic bottles at Michael's)+ 
    plastic wrap or other surface protector (the address portion of a FedEx envelop works perfectly!)


1)  Pull the flowers apart, removing the plastic center and stems. You should have layers of flower shapes.

Flower_BundleFlower_Bundle Loose FlowersLoose Flowers

2)  Prepare the paper that will serve as the flower center.  Place the glob on top of the paper and trace around it with a pen. Cut along the line.

Trace Paper CenterTrace Paper Center

3. Using the paint brush, put a thin coat of glue on the flat part of the glob and apply the paper center you have just cut out.  The image may be a bit cloudy until the glue dries.  Let the glue dry until clear before proceeding with the project.

Apply GlueApply Glue image010image010

4. Stack the flower layers. I like to use 2 or 3, depending on the type of flower I am using. Glue the flower layers together, maintaining the center. I put a toothpick in the center hole and remove it as the glue starts to dry.

Glued Flower StackGlued Flower Stack

5. Once the glob and the flower stack are dry, you can assemble the pin. Put more glue on the back of the glob and attach it to the flower stack. I place the piece on a piece of plastic wrap with a stapler on top to maintain a little pressure and encourage maximum stick-age. Let this dry for a couple of hours.

Apply Pressure to StackApply Pressure to Stack

6.  Now you have to decide if you are making a pin or magnet.  For a magnet, just glue a dot magnet on to the flower back, let dry and you are done!

Adding a MagnetAdding a Magnet

For the pin, glue the pin back onto the flower. I cut a small piece of green felt over the pin back, cutting notches for the pin clasps. Glue on the felt. Let it dry thoroughly before wearing.

Attaching a PinAttaching a Pin


  • If any of the glue gets onto the glob face(which it will), it can be removed with your fingernail or a green kitchen scouring pad.
  • Watch the amount of glue you use to attach the paper to the glob.  Sometimes an excess of glue will cause inks to run, which can look interesting but not be your intended effect.
  • Mod Podge makes different types of glue.  The "glitter" and "shimmer" types are really fun.  I used a little of the glitter glue on the flower petals.

Finished PinsFinished Pins