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Zipper Bracelet with Bottle Cap Charm

Zipper Bracelet with Bottle Cap CharmZipper Bracelet with Bottle Cap CharmMaterials Needed:
  • Metal zipper, click 6 or 7 inches
  • Wire, 4 inches
  • Lobster claw jewelry clasp
  • Jewelry pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • Metal bottle cap
  • Hammer
  • Nail
  • Scissors
  • Clear glue or Mod Podge
  • Paper image, picture from catalog or photograph
  • Jump ring, 1



1. Remove fabric portion of the zipper. Cut the fabric fairly close to the metal zipper teeth.

Cut Away FabricCut Away Fabric Cleaned ZipperCleaned Zipper

2. Bend the wire in half, forming a U. Thread the lobster claw clasp onto the wire and let it rest at the bend. Grasp the bend with the jewelry pliers and grasp the wire ends and twist the ends twice. The lobster claw should dangle freely.

Assemble Lobster Claw AttachmentAssemble Lobster Claw Attachment

3. Place the twisted wire on top of the end of the zipper (not the end with the pull tab). Wrap the wire around the zipper several times. Trim off any extra wire. Press the wrapped wire against the zipper with the pliers. Your bracelet is done. Now for the fun part, ornamentation!

Attach to ZipperAttach to Zipper Attached ClawAttached Claw

4. Using the hammer, flatten the bottle cap.

5. Place flattened bottle cap on top of the image and trace around the cap.

6. Using scissors, cut out the image. I removed an extra ¼ inch so the image could be centered on the cap, allowing the ruffled edge of the cap to show.

7. Glue the image onto the cap. Cover with Mod Podge or clear glue and allow to dry. I mixed some glitter glue into the clear glue for a bit of "bling".

Bottle Cap CharmBottle Cap Charm

8. Make a hole in the cap by hammering the nail into the cap.

9. Use the jump ring to attach the bottle cap charm to the bracelet.

Completed BraceletCompleted Bracelet