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StopWaste.Org Educational Videos

StopWaste.Org produces high-quality education videos to help teachers and students learn what they can do to reduce waste by applying the 4Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot). Teachers in Alameda County may order DVD or VHS copies for their classrooms. Visitors may view videos online, or register (for free) as a user of this site to download Quicktime (.mov) copies of these resources.  


Doin' The 4RsDoin' The 4Rs


“Doing the 4Rs"

Students from Alameda County show how they practice the 4Rs - reduce, reuse, recycle, and rot (compost), at home, school, and play.  [17 minutes, 2005]

Doing the 4Rs- Discussion Questions

Do the Rot ThingDo the Rot Thing


“Do the Rot Thing–The Simple Art of Home Composting"

Award-winning video that demonstrates the basic steps and shares simple tips for making home composting fun and easy.  [22 minutes]

Oil to PlasticOil to Plastic


"From Oil to Plastic"

This video teaches students how different types of plastic are produced, used and recycled. [9 minutes, 2006]


Going to the SourceGoing to the Source


"Going to the Source: A Video About Waste Prevention"


"Going to the Source" highlights commercial success stories to show how businesses are using less raw materials and creating new items from recycled content. Learn practical steps we can all take to stop waste- at its source.



"Taking Back Our Trash II Putting Our Waste to Work"

[29 minutes, 2000]



Kids Talkin' TrashKids Talkin' Trash


“Kids Talkin' Trash" 

In "Kids Talkin' Trash," California youngsters learn how to make less garbage and protect our environment by practicing the Four Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot.  [14 minutes, 1995]




"Taking Back Our Trash: A Film About Waste"

[28 Minutes, 1993]