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Schools often have a difficult time running effective waste reduction programs due to a lack of consistent, diagnosis properly labeled bins. In an effort to help get proper recycling bins and labels at each site, schools are encouraged to conduct a Bin Inventory- or Binventory.

Clearly Labeled Cafeteria Waste StationClearly Labeled Cafeteria Waste StationBest practices suggest that all trash cans should be paired with an opportunity to recycle or compost based on the types of waste generated in each location on campus. All bins should be labeled with color-coded, imaged based signs indicating the types of waste appropriate for each bin.

The Binventory is a comprehensive study of the types and locations of all waste receptacles on campus. It is designed to help schools identify gaps in their waste reduction systems. Data from the Binventory will support your efforts to create effective waste reduction stations across your campus.

There are three steps to the Binventory:

  1. Using a campus map, plot the location of every trash, recycling, compost and special waste bin on campus.
  2. Fill in an inventory tracking sheet for your campus to identify gaps in your waste reduction program
  3. Adjust bin placements and signage to improve your system

Use the resources listed below to complete your Binventory: