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Binventory Reporting

Binvintory ReportBinvintory ReportThe last step in your Binventory is to tally the results using the linked excel spreadsheet and report your data back to SWAP.

Please fill in the GREEN portions of the Binventory sheet. It will automatically calculate the total numbers of bins and labels in your system.

Use the data from your Binventory report to inform improvements to your waste reduction program. You might consider converting trash cans to recycling bins, look moving recycling containers close to trash cans to promote recycling, here or designing/downloading bin labels to make sure the system is used correctly. The Binventory might also highlight new areas of campus or special waste collection opportunities to take your program to the next level.  More tips for improving your campus recycling program are found in our School Recycling Toolkit

Download the Binventory Report form here.