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2015-2016 SWAP Stipend Forms

SWAP Teams

SLWRP Team at Wood Middle SchoolSLWRP Team at Wood Middle SchoolEach StopWaste Ambassador Program (SWAP) school is provided with stipends to form a green team and to honor the time and effort spent coordinating and implementing waste reduction lessons and activities on campus and in the community. $2200 is available to each SWAP school as stipends for SWAP team members.

Typically, hospital SWAP green teams are comprised of one campus coordinator stipended at $650, diagnosis one community leadership coordinator stipended at $650 and other team members stipended at $300 for special projects. 

Stipeneded SWAP green team members typically include teachers, classified staff, or after-school program educators. When building a SWAP green team, schools take a variety of approaches depending on their goals and the enthusiasm of different staff members. SWAP can be integrated into any curricular area and teams in the past have included representatives from a range of school staff members. Consider staff members on campus that can help organize and implement campus-wide and community outreach (Leadership teachers, Digital Media Teachers, Foriegn Language teachers, etc). Also consider the role that lead custodians, kitchen staff, and parent coordinators might play in your waste reduction efforts as you form your SWAP green team. Contact Nate Ivy with questions about forming your SWAP team.



  • Provides leadership for developing and implementing campus environmental vision, while acting as a liaison between StopWaste and campus community.
  • Frequently shares waste reduction information and practices with campus community including teachers, administrators, staff, students and families.
  • Identifies waste reduction challenges on campus and works to implement solutions using 4Rs practices.
  • Works with district office to ensure that solutions work within broader system.
  • Works with StopWaste Associates to develop, document, and share best practice case studies.


  • Facilitates student participation and waste reduction leadership in community events such as: Farmer’s Markets, Festivals, EarthDay, etc. Significant student participation in at least one off-campus/community event is required.
  • Sponsors a student green-team, environmental club, or environmental class.
  • Works with StopWaste to develop student waste reduction leadership skills and help students become StopWaste Ambassadors on campus and in the community.
  • Provides documentation of students’ community impact. (Photos, surveys, case studies, reports, participant counts, event flyers/agendas, etc.)


  • Identify and support campaigns to develop sustainable and replicable solutions for on-campus waste challenges.
  • 4Rs Action Projects are one-time efforts to fix specific waste reduction problems on campus.
  • Projects led by teachers or staff, usually with student support.


Stipend forms now includes a brief application coversheet to define your goals for the current school year. Campus and community coordinators should complete the coversheet and the stipend forms. For 4Rs Action Project stipends, please submit the application only. After the application is reviewed, project stipend forms will be distributed to the members of the project team.


Submitting your forms

Download and print the appropriate forms. Ensure that each team member completely fills out and signs the highlighted areas of the appropriate form. Provide the address where you would like your stipend check mailed at the end of the school year.

Completed forms may be mailed to:

Nate Ivy
Alameda County Office of Education
313 W. Winton Ave
Hayward, CA 94544

Stipend Payments

Stipends are paid during the summer after the completion of the school year. School site SLWRP coordinators must submit all year end reporting before stipends are issued. Stipends will be mailed to the address you provide on your stipend form.