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Welcome Back!

Welcome Back!

As you get ready to open the school year it is important to provide strong messages to staff and students about the waste reduction efforts at your school. It is much easier to start the year with these systems in place than to change course in the middle of the year. This website hosts a number of tools, guides and checklists that may be useful for starting the year.

Be sure to check out the School Recycling Toolkit for best practices and advice from SLWRP schools about setting up your school's waste reduction system.

This year, member schools will be eligible for additional services and support from SLWRP. In addition to free field trips, waste audit support, professional development and networking, student leadership programming, technical assistance and stipends for waste reduction leaders, SLWRP will also provide cafeteria food scrap starter kits to a limited number of schools. Kits will include bins, signs, grabbers, scales, and technical assistance to start diverting organic material from the cafeteria. Details about how to apply for this resource will be available soon.

The SLWRP meeting calendar is in development and will included sessions on electronic waste, marine debris, bio plastics, and support for the Green Star Schools program which provides additional resources and recognition for your efforts in other environmental pathways (Waste, Water, Energy, Transportation, Food, & School Yards)

A small selection of resources from this website are listed below. They provide a brief check-list and some starter text for the 1st days of school. Please do take a look and get in touch if you need help getting started this year.

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