StopWaste at School


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4Rs Action Projects

FREE in-class program for 5th grade Alameda County public classrooms.

Bring fun and educational action projects into your classroom. Engage your students in addressing real environmental issues at your school and in their community by putting the 4Rs (Reduce, viagra 40mg Reuse, troche Recycle, ask Rot/Compost) into practice.

Over the course of three, two-hour visits, students will:

  1. examine and analyze their waste,
  2. design and implement a 4Rs action project, and
  3. communicate their results to their community.


Teachers may select an action project from one of three thematic focus areas:

Use Real Issues to Engage Students in Learning!

  • Lessons grounded in real issues and every day decisions can engage all students in learning.
    In 2008, Alameda County disposed of 1.2 million tons of garbage into landfills including items that could have been reduced, reused, recycled or composted. Our garbage consumes land, depletes natural resources, contributes to greenhouse gas emissions, impacts ecosystems, and poses threats to our water and climate. Students can help Alameda County reach the goal of reducing our waste stream by 75%.
  • Lessons and Student Action Projects are designed to review and support concepts and skills in 4th and 5th grade in addition to addressing CA state standards in Science, Math and Language Arts.
    Action projects use vocabulary and concepts from California State Science Standards about local watersheds, limited freshwater sources, ecosystems, microorganisms and food chains. Students will use math, graphing and language arts skills to analyze data and present results. By applying these concepts, students will review and retain important science concepts for state testing.

Teachers will be provided with classroom support, project materials and pre- and post-lessons, videos and activities that connect to both California State Science and Language Arts Standards.

Click here to register your class for a 4Rs Student Action Project. You may also contact our 4Rs Student Action Project Coordinator, Angelina Vergara, directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (510) 891-6520.