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Students at Longwood Elementary transform into Recycling Team Action Heroes

After 5th grade teacher Adriana Garcia at Longwood Elementary in Hayward received her class' Recycling Team Action Project Kit from StopWaste, she kicked off her classroom's recycling collection action project. Her class recognized that classroom recycling bins were being dumped into the landfill dumpster, and so they decided to take action by organizing fifth grade students at the end of each day to pick up classroom recycling containers and deliver them to the recycling dumpster.

Longwood's Action TeamLongwood's Action TeamMs. Garcia is using the action project as an opportunity for students to practice measuring volume.

Their Recycling Team bins are outlined with measuring tapes, allowing students to record exactly how much recyclable materials they are diverting from the landfill everyday.

Thank you, Ms. Garcia, for your dedication to your students and to the project!