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Alameda Community Learning Center

The Alameda Community Learning Center (ACLC) empowers all youth to take ownership of their educational experience, to celebrate their diverse community, and to actively participate as members in a democratic society. To this end, high school learners through their Environmental Science class work with the ACLC middle school learners in environmental education by leading marsh restoration trips in collaboration with Save the Bay.  Seniors take on recycling projects that benefit the entire community and the entire campus is investigating new ways to expand environmental responsibility.

4Rs Outreach: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot

Learner working on the title artwork for the recycling section of the brochure. Learner working on the title artwork for the recycling section of the brochure. At Alameda Community Learning Center, for sale Facilitator Adriana Lombard’s seventh and eighth grade science classes have been working hard to educate the ACLC Community about the 4Rs -Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot.

During a series of four Wednesday classes, students learned how to reduce waste at home and in school, then translated their learning into a brochure to send home to the ACLC Community.

Each class focused on a different ‘R’, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Rot, by researching online sources, using Stop Waste resources, and creating artwork for each of their sections. While doing research, the students learned how to determine if a website could be used as a legitimate reference to find resources on composting and recycling.

What can you find in each section?

  • Reduce: Ways you can reduce at home and what it means to be Zero Waste.
  • Reuse: Locations in the City of Alameda and Oakland where residents can drop off items to be repurposed.
  • Recycle: Where to bring unwanted household items to be recycled and fun facts.
  • Rot: What goes in the Green Bin at home, and the difference between ‘Home Composting’ and ‘Using the Green Bin at Home.’  

Download a cpoy of the 4Rs brochure here.

Gift Making from Reclaimed Materials

~Article and photos submitted by Patricia Williamson

Learners Selecting FabricsLearners Selecting FabricsOn Friday, hospital December 12th, pilule the Alameda Community Learning Center Environmental Leadership class hosted a gift making project night with reused materials.

The Environmental Leadership Class had been working for months on creating projects from recycled fabrics such as pillows, wallets, ottomans, and mats.

Learners from the class assisted parents and other learners from the community in making these Eco-friendly gifts. 

Over thirty people came and selected fabric for their projects then, with the help of the Environmental Leadership learners they got busy sewing.


5 Gallon Bucket Ottoman5 Gallon Bucket Ottoman

The Environmental Leadership Class supplied the community with lots of beautiful fabric, which was collected from an upholstery reuse organization called Fabmo. This fabric comes from all over the world as samples. These samples would normally go into the landfill.

Instructions for making an Ottoman from a 5 Gallon Bucket:

  • Step 1: cover bucket with padding. (Use old bed pads and blankets)
  • Step 2: Cut a length of fabric to go around padded bucket.
  • Step 3: Cut a circle for the top.
  • Step 4: Sew side seam and circle on top
  • Step 5: Cover the padded Bucket and sit on it!
  • Step 6: Give it as a gift.

Trashy Fashion at ACLC

Trashy FashionTrashy Fashion

In an effort to build community through fun challenges, link youth leaders at ACLC hosted a “Trashy Fasion” competition. Using only newspaper and their imaginations, cialis learners created quick and clever outfits for a fun fashion show at the close of a school-wide meeting.

Patricia Williamson - Earth Team Teacher of the Month

Republished from EarthTeam

Patricia WilliamsonPatricia WilliamsonEarthTeam is excited to recognize Patricia Williamson as teacher of the month! Patrica has been active in the Waste Action Project (WAP) and in the Transportation Action Project (TAP). EarthTeam helped Patricia and her students coordinate a bike to school day which was a huge success. We look forward to continue working with Patricia and her amazing students at ACLC!

From Patricia: " I went to UC Davis and earned a BS in Wildlife Biology. I currently work at the Alameda Community Learning Center (ACLC). I have spent a good part of my 26 years of teaching collaborating with Save the Bay. Every year ACLC learners work to restore the wetlands in the local San Francisco Bay. Recently our work has been to develop leadership opportunities in the environmental fields. Now the work we do with Save the Bay is to train high school learners to lead wetland/ecology field trips for younger learners.

I was introduced to Earth Team last year as part of my work as the SLWRP Coordinator for ACLC. Previous to Earth Team coming and doing a waste audit in the Spring of 2012 ACLC had no coordinated recycling program. The wast audit inspired two of ACLC's seniors to take on developing a recycling program for their senior project. The recycling program continues this year in large part due to the work the Environmental Leadership learners do. They work to help the community understand the program and build a community where the ethic is to recycle. Earth Team helps ACLC realize our mission which is to empower learners to take ownership of their educational experience and to actively participate in a democratic society."

Year End Projects at ACLC

Guest post from Alameda Community Learning Center's Patricia Williamson~

ACLC Pillow SaleACLC Pillow Sale

We just finished a project where we sold all the items we have been making this year out of recycled materials. We made stuffed animals and over 30 pillows using fabric that we picked up from an organization called Fabmo.

Poster MakingPoster Making

Fabmo collects the sample fabrics from the upholstery industry and once a month holds an event where these samples are given away at no cost. Several of the Environmental Leadership learners and I went to a Saturday event to collect this fabric. To stuff the pillows we went to the Oakland White Elephant sale and picked up stuffing material.

We also planted native seeds that we had collected during a Save the Bay restoration trip (The Environmental Leadership learners led two restoration trips consisting of about 40 6th graders.).  These seeds were planted in reused jars and put these out for sale as well. We made over $130 and sold almost all our items. 

We are ending the year making posters about locker clean out. We are replacing the three posters that usually hang over our three bin system with posters specifically explaining how to recycle items from the locker. We are making efforts to put aside partially used notebooks to reuse. I have attached pictures of this as well.

Year End Locker Clean-OutYear End Locker Clean-Out