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Recycling Rules Enacted in School Constitution

Student Government in ActionStudent Government in ActionRecently ACLC held its annual Constitutional Convention. One of the sessions was on waste reduction and recycling. Over 60 learners participated in a discussion of the current efforts ACLC is making on waste reduction and recycling. Many noted that our recycling bins are not correctly used. Based on this observation from the learner community four proposals were written.
  1. There should be a rule at ACLC that the community must put their waste into the correct blue/green/grey bins. If a community member breaks this rule they will be sent to the Judicial Committee where they will be assigned a recycling task. The goal being correct recycling and community buy into recycling
  2. The current proposal form that is sent to Student Government should be revised to include a plan for recycling.
  3. There should be a rule that community members should not move the three bins. They should always stay where they are.
  4. It is proposed that there is to be a learner elected Green Commissioner. This commissioner will work to keep our recycling efforts consistant.

Proposals 1 & 3 have been fully discussed, voted on and passed. These two rules will ensure that trash, recycling bins, and compost bins are always co-located on campus to facilitate proper disposal choices. It is now against the rules at ACLC to put the wrong thing into any of the bins.

Proposals 2 & 4 will be discussed in upcoming meetings

Thanks to ACLC's Maria Mandanas, Environmental Leadership learner for her contributions to this article.