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Year End Projects at ACLC

Guest post from Alameda Community Learning Center's Patricia Williamson~

ACLC Pillow SaleACLC Pillow Sale

We just finished a project where we sold all the items we have been making this year out of recycled materials. We made stuffed animals and over 30 pillows using fabric that we picked up from an organization called Fabmo.

Poster MakingPoster Making

Fabmo collects the sample fabrics from the upholstery industry and once a month holds an event where these samples are given away at no cost. Several of the Environmental Leadership learners and I went to a Saturday event to collect this fabric. To stuff the pillows we went to the Oakland White Elephant sale and picked up stuffing material.

We also planted native seeds that we had collected during a Save the Bay restoration trip (The Environmental Leadership learners led two restoration trips consisting of about 40 6th graders.).  These seeds were planted in reused jars and put these out for sale as well. We made over $130 and sold almost all our items. 

We are ending the year making posters about locker clean out. We are replacing the three posters that usually hang over our three bin system with posters specifically explaining how to recycle items from the locker. We are making efforts to put aside partially used notebooks to reuse. I have attached pictures of this as well.

Year End Locker Clean-OutYear End Locker Clean-Out