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Gift Making from Reclaimed Materials

~Article and photos submitted by Patricia Williamson

Learners Selecting FabricsLearners Selecting FabricsOn Friday, hospital December 12th, pilule the Alameda Community Learning Center Environmental Leadership class hosted a gift making project night with reused materials.

The Environmental Leadership Class had been working for months on creating projects from recycled fabrics such as pillows, wallets, ottomans, and mats.

Learners from the class assisted parents and other learners from the community in making these Eco-friendly gifts. 

Over thirty people came and selected fabric for their projects then, with the help of the Environmental Leadership learners they got busy sewing.


5 Gallon Bucket Ottoman5 Gallon Bucket Ottoman

The Environmental Leadership Class supplied the community with lots of beautiful fabric, which was collected from an upholstery reuse organization called Fabmo. This fabric comes from all over the world as samples. These samples would normally go into the landfill.

Instructions for making an Ottoman from a 5 Gallon Bucket:

  • Step 1: cover bucket with padding. (Use old bed pads and blankets)
  • Step 2: Cut a length of fabric to go around padded bucket.
  • Step 3: Cut a circle for the top.
  • Step 4: Sew side seam and circle on top
  • Step 5: Cover the padded Bucket and sit on it!
  • Step 6: Give it as a gift.