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Paper Beads at ACLC

Paper Bead BraceletPaper Bead BraceletAlameda Community Learning Center Alumna Laura Williamson returned to campus to lead a workshop teaching paper bead making. The lesson was part of the school's effort to implement a recycling system and raise awareness about waste reduction.

Williamson, a recent graduate of UC Santa Cruz, volunteers at ACLC to teach art skills promoting broader thinking about sustainability. Inspired by the Green Educator Open House at the East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse, Williamson organized a paper bead making activity and t-shirt rug project for the ACLC campus.

"In addition to reusing paper to make the beads, we also re-purposed a Styrofoam cooler as a platform for drying the paper beads," explains Williamson.

Instructions for paper bead making can be found here.