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Alameda High Waste Audit

Alameda High Waste Audit ResultsAlameda High Waste Audit ResultsDr. Griffith's 3rd and 4th period Environmental Sciences class conducted waste audits on Thursday, January 31st, 2013 in their classroom.

Combined the classes sorted through 10 large bags of trash collected from on campus at Alameda High School. The trash came from diverse sources and included an interesting assortment of materials and items.

The largest findings were the almost 50% compostable food scraps, almost 28% recyclables and 17% of items actually destined for the landfill. In addition, the small but notable 5% of waste that was uneaten and unopened food .

Combined Waste Audit Results

Dr. Griffith's 3rd period Environmental Science class was surprised with how much paper waste there was in the trash, most of which was totally clean and recyclable. Students wondered how that much paper could have been put into the landfill with existing paper recycling being so well known and distributed.

  • "Why don't we do all this sorting before we throw things away?" 
  • "This is super nasty." 
  • "The smell made my stomach hurt, but someone's got to do it." -Jesus Garcia

During Dr. Griffith's 4th period Environmental Science waste audit, the students spotted some clothes including what appeared to be a new pair of 6.5 size Nikes. The students will have a lot to work with in terms of turning this experience and the data it generated into action on their campus.

  • "I thought I always sorted the trash right but it seems like there are some mistakes."  -Wynter Woods
  • "It is important to the environment. We have to learn how to recycle."-Benjamin Zhang
  • "It's weird to realize what people throw away and that waste doesn't just dissapear." -Roxanna Yusuji