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Earth Day 2012 at Alameda High

Bicycle ClockBicycle ClockOn Friday, April 20, students from Alameda High's Environmental Collaborative, a range of enviromentally themed clubs and leadership classes (including The Sierra Club, The Roots and Shoots Club, Aesthetes as Activists Club, the Garden Club, the Cycling Enthusiast Club, and the Lumberjack Club) collaborated to host a campus Earth Day event.

With the support of AP Environmental Science teacher Dr. Carolyn Griffith and Leadership teacher Kathleen Austin, students organized live music, activities, informational booths and the sale of eco-friendly items.

Students from the cycling club made items from discarded bicycle parts- chain rings became clocks, and used chains were converted to custom fit braclets. Art students hand-decorated reusable shopping bags and others made crafts from recycled items- paper flowers and tin-can jewlery. Students also sold reusable water bottles to help limit the school's use of disposable plastic bottles.

Dr. Griffith celebrated the students' collaboration, "Working together is the only way to solve the world's problems. Besides, it is more fun this way!"