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Re-Volting Project at Amador

Sign-Out Sheet for Rechargeable BatteriesSign-Out Sheet for Rechargeable BatteriesUsing funds from an Altamont Education Advisory Board grant, science teacher Tom Hall purchased nearly 500 rechargeable batteries for Amador High School. The batteries are available for check-out by teachers and staff on campus and can be exchanged for fully charged replacements at any time.

"We've had tremendous interest in the first month of the program," says Hall. "Just today, Mr. Theil checked out batteries to use in a class set of Vernier field probes and Mrs. Barnett-Dreyfus got a set each class period to power electric cars for a constant velocity lab in physics."

"Our front office staff is excited about this too- they all have wireless keyboards and mice powered by AA batteries."

Amador's efforts are patterned after a successful program at Livermore High School. TA's keep batteries charged and help manage check out and collection.

"My only regret is that we didn't also order a bunch of AAA batteries for the math department to use in all their graphing calculators," notes Hall.

Over the course of the year, Hall estimates that over 2000 students will use the rechargeable battery program.

Science Teacher Tom Hall established a Rechargeable Battery System Science Teacher Tom Hall established a Rechargeable Battery System