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American High School features a model student led recycling program to divert paper and CRV material from the waste stream.  Funds from the recycling program are channeled back into campus beautification efforts including tree planting.  Students in science classes regularly participate in activities such as paper making and labs that investigate materials separation techniques used in single stream recycling systems.  American High School hosts monthly meetings of FIERCE- FremontIans Enabling Real Change in the Environment- a student group representing each of Fremont's five high schools that work together to plan community events and organize service projects such as the establishment of community gardens.

Candy Sykes- Earth Team Teacher of the Month, June 2012

Republished from EarthTeam

Candy SykesCandy SykesEarthTeam is proud to recognize Candy Sykes from American High School in Fremont as the Teacher of the Month. Sykes, a Chemistry teacher and Science Department Chair, leads a wide range of environmental efforts on campus and in the community. On campus, Sykes has established a model school recycling program. Her team of students are able to recycle the entire campus and sort materials in 20 minutes each week. Funds generated from the recycling program are reinvested in campus beautification efforts and scholarships for environmental leaders. Sykes has also established a school garden on campus, converting a 1/3 acre weed covered lot to a garden highlighting creative reuse of materials otherwise destined for landfill.

In the community, Sykes' Re:Use Team of students lead environmental workshops teaching paper making, t-shirt rug weaving, and jewelry making from spent gift cards. This year the Re:Use team presented at the city-wide Eco-Fair in the Fall and the City of Fremont's Earth Day festival in the Spring. Students also led workshops at the Maker Faire and EarthTeam's Leadership and Environmental Action Forum. In addition to her efforts to support her own students, Sykes also advises a group of students from Fremont's 5 high schools that have come together to work on a common goal of protecting the environment.

Thank you Mrs. Sykes for your dedication to building the next generation of environmental leaders!

American High Hosts Reuse Booth at Maker Faire

Re:Use Team Proudly Display Maker BadgesRe:Use Team Proudly Display Maker BadgesThe American High Re:Use Team hosted a booth at the 2012 Maker Faire held at the San Mateo County Fairgrounds May 19 & 20, sildenafil 2012.

Team members taught attendees how to make rugs and potholders from used t-shirts and sold jewlery made from spent gift cards.

The San Jose Mercury News estimates that over 120,000 people attended the Faire just on Saturday.

Every aspect of the student booth highlighted re-use: weaving frames were made from re-purposed paper-making screens; price labels on rugs were printed on hand-made recycled paper.

The Re:Use team is led by science teacher Candy Sykes who uses themes of sustainability to illustrate concepts in science classes on campus.

Roberta Miller, a reuse expert at, praised the students and their booth, "It is inspiring to see students making a difference through making things. They were my favorite booth at the entire Maker Fair."

American High at Earth Day

The 2012 Fremont Earth Day event featured activity booths designed and hosted by students from American, Kennedy and Mission High.

Paper MakingPaper Making

Students from American hosted two actvities to re-think and re-use paper. Students led paper-recycling workshops helping community members pulp used paper in a blender to create a slurry that was then pressed and rolled into new paper. Students also worked with community members to re-purpose old envelopes into new book marks.

Kennedy High's Green Ventures academy hosted a booth showcasing the schools efforts in Culinary Arts and Sustainable Agriculture. Students prepared sun tea and healthy snacks. They also led an activity to fold used newspapers into origami plant pots that community members could then fill with soil and seeds to help start gardens at home.

Students from Mission San Jose High led a workshop to convert used milk and juice cartons into bird feeders and also provided art work showcasing environmental themes from the schools Green Festival held in March.

In addition to the student led booths, dozens of non-profit organizations, businesses and government agencies provided materials, advice, and presentations about Earth-friendly actions, programs, and events benefiting the Fremont community.

American High Students Teach Reuse

On January 8, for sale 2012, patient students from American High School attended the East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse Green Educator Open House to showcase their reuse projects. Students sold jewelry made from spent gift cards and discarded credit cards. They also taught teachers from across Alameda county how to make rag rugs from discarded t-shirts.

T-Shirt RugT-Shirt Rug Gift Card JewelryGift Card JewelryRug weavingRug weaving WeavingWeaving

Kyra Wheaton - EarthTeam Teacher of the Month

Republished from EarthTeam

Kyra Wheeaton, November 2011 Teacher of the MonthKyra Wheeaton, November 2011 Teacher of the MonthMs. Wheaton teaches Environmental Science at American High School in Fremont. EarthTeam's Waste Action Program is delighted to recognize Kyra Wheaton for her dedication, hard work and vision she brings and shares with her students at American H.S. Ms. Wheaton arranged to have all the Biology freshmen students participate in the Waste Action presentation, with a total 561 students! This has come to be a tradition at American High School.

"I am proud that my coworkers and I have started composting for students in our cafeteria. Every lunch two freshman students supervise the waste sorting. I'm currently in my 13th year of teaching, having started at Pinole Valley HS and Deanza HS.

For the last three years I have been teaching AP Environmental Science, which is truly where my passion lies. As I graduated from UCSB with a degree in Environmental Studies. While at Santa Barbara, I took a waste management class that has forever made me feel guilt for throwing anything in the trash. The professor predicted that people will eventually mine landfills for resources. After college, Americorps sent me to Southern Humboldt where I participated in Salmonid studies for CA Dept of Fish and Game. From there I spent more time working for Fish and Game in warm and cool water fisheries and took classes at Humboldt State.

At this time, most of my free time is spent as a soccer mom, where I coach my sons team and play on two of my own teams. My goal is to help create a green academy at American HS in Fremont and still have students take a lab accredited science their freshman year."

Kyra Wheaton, we appreciate all the hard work you have done so far, and look forward to seeing you inspire and encourage the young leaders, congratulations on being selected as EarthTeam's November 2011 Teacher of the Month!

EarthTeam empowers teens to become lifelong environmental stewards through experiential education, skills development, and the building of community connections.