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American High School features a model student led recycling program to divert paper and CRV material from the waste stream.  Funds from the recycling program are channeled back into campus beautification efforts including tree planting.  Students in science classes regularly participate in activities such as paper making and labs that investigate materials separation techniques used in single stream recycling systems.  American High School hosts monthly meetings of FIERCE- FremontIans Enabling Real Change in the Environment- a student group representing each of Fremont's five high schools that work together to plan community events and organize service projects such as the establishment of community gardens.

American High Students Teach Paper Recycling

Students from American High School taught community members how to recycle paper at the City of Fremont’s Earth Day Festival on Saturday, sickness April 24. This hands on activity went far beyond a lesson directing people to deposit paper in the proper bin. Instead, click this lesson involved blenders, vialis 40mg rollers, screens and presses.

Community members pulped paper in a blender to make a slurry, then rolled it flat on screens. Students added seeds to the paper and cut them into shapes from the natural world such as leaves and trees. These recycled paper products can be “planted” merely by laying them on fertile soil and adding water to create a flower garden.

How to Compost with Worms

Your worms need a bed to rest thier little heads,

Newspaper does the trick as long as it's not slick

Rip it into Strips

Into Water Grip and Dip

Then Squeeze but not to rough

Unfold and lay down the fluff.


Now put your worms in their home

In the middle of the the compost zone


Next they want to eat

Scraps of vegetables and  fruit sweets

Coffee grounds and filters too

will make your worms love you.

A moist blanket to cover them

Of more wet strips is heaven.

And last fluff some dry ones

and your worm bin is nearly done

You need a lid to block the light

and air holes so it's not airtight.






Training Video for School Recycling

Students from American High School in Fremont created a training video that explains how they set up and run their school wide recycling system.