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American High School Garden Update

WeedingWeedingFruit trees are in bloom, and students are busy at work in the American High School garden which has received many updates in the last few months.

Recent additions to the garden include a compost bin made from reclaimed wooden pallets, new gravel for garden pathways, and the beginnings of a stone floor for the outdoor gazebo classroom.

Stone FloorStone FloorVolunteer Ed Sykes led a group of students in weed pulling on a recent Friday afternoon to help prepare for re-mulching and new plantings.  "We're a bit overgrown right now," admited Ed, "but the students are showing a lot of enthusiasm for getting things in shape for the spring."

In addition to spring planting, upcoming projects include expanded sheet mulching using reclaimed cardboard and the installation of a wooden and bamboo fence to create a visual barrier with the parking lot.