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Garden Hose Spikes

Garden Hose SpikeGarden Hose SpikeGarden hose spikes are used to prevent hoses from being dragged across planter beds to protect plants from damage.

The problem with most commercially available hose spikes is that they cost money, they are somewhat flimsy and easily knocked out of the ground, and frequently aren't tall enough to keep hoses from dragging into planter beds.

American High School found a much better solution in a creative reuse of somebody's garbage.  Teacher Candy Sykes found plastic spindles at RAFT- Resource Area For Teaching, a local non-profit organization dedicated to collecting usable and interesting discards from silicon valley companies for donation or resale to teachers and schools.

Reuse SpindleReuse SpindleGarden volunteer Ed Sykes speculates that the spindles were probably donated by a tech company that once had them coiled with wire or cable and notes that they are superior to any other garden hose spike he's seen before.

The wide base of the spindles combined with their considerable height make them ideal garden spikes. Students dug a wide hole about a foot deep and planted the spindles at the corners of planter beds to keep hoses out.