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American High at Earth Day

The 2012 Fremont Earth Day event featured activity booths designed and hosted by students from American, Kennedy and Mission High.

Paper MakingPaper Making

Students from American hosted two actvities to re-think and re-use paper. Students led paper-recycling workshops helping community members pulp used paper in a blender to create a slurry that was then pressed and rolled into new paper. Students also worked with community members to re-purpose old envelopes into new book marks.

Kennedy High's Green Ventures academy hosted a booth showcasing the schools efforts in Culinary Arts and Sustainable Agriculture. Students prepared sun tea and healthy snacks. They also led an activity to fold used newspapers into origami plant pots that community members could then fill with soil and seeds to help start gardens at home.

Students from Mission San Jose High led a workshop to convert used milk and juice cartons into bird feeders and also provided art work showcasing environmental themes from the schools Green Festival held in March.

In addition to the student led booths, dozens of non-profit organizations, businesses and government agencies provided materials, advice, and presentations about Earth-friendly actions, programs, and events benefiting the Fremont community.