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Tim Bremner Wins Green Star Teacher Award

Tim Bremner and Palavi SherikarTim Bremner and Palavi SherikarCastlemont High School teacher Tim Bremner was honored as the Green Star Teacher of the Year at the Bay Area Schools Environmental Conference in San Jose on Saturday, February 4, 2012. The City of San Jose, which hosted the events noted the following achievements while presenting the award:

On a recent November day, teacher Tim Bremner organized a sustainable food systems tour of the Castlemont High School campus for students in his Urban Ecology and Green Urban Design classes. The tour included an audit of cafeteria waste, a lesson on food scrap composting in the garden, a fall harvest of student-grown vegetables, cooking lessons from community partners using locally grown produce, and shopping at the student-organized weekly on-campus Farmer's Market. The event was emblematic of Bremner's approach and enthusiasm for educating students in East Oakland: environmental justice and environmental injustice do not happen by accident- they are the result of deliberate work.

To ensure that his students develop environmental leadership skills, Bremner has dedicated his career to creating new structures that engage students in tangible, meaningful change. This year, he established SUDA- the Sustainable Urban Design Academy at Castlemont High School. The academy engages youth in participatory action research to collect data about community needs leading to action plans and policies for urban design elements benefitting youth and the environment.

The project builds on his prior work at the Youth Empowerment School where, as Academy Director and lead teacher, he worked with the UC Regents to design A-G approved environmental education classes, established a community garden, and partnered with the UC Berkeley Center for Cities and Schools to help students develop and promote youth priorities for a sustainable Oakland.

Tim Bremner is leading a green renaissance and provides inspiration to his students and colleagues alike.

Congratulations to Mr. Bremner!