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Emery Secondary

Emery Secondary School seeks to align its various green programs to provide a transition platform from elementary school to college and into green career paths. The school recently launched an Environmental Science class, eliminated Styrofoam, and began using SMART Boards to support campus-wide green programming. Emery secondary  engages students in recycling and other environmental programming on campus and helps students secure internships in the community.

School Harvest

In February 2012, sales the Emery Secondary Green Team was excited to harvest our first batch of vegetables that were abundant enough to share with the school kitchen staff.




Emery Secondary Establishes Food Scrap Diversion

Emery Secondary School will launch a food scrap diversion program in the 2011-2012 school year.  Students in Julie Edwards' class worked with EarthTeam to study cafeteria waste in the spring of 2011.  Students found that over 3/4 of cafeteria waste could be composted and are working with school administration and the City of Emeryville to bring cafeteria food scrap diversion to school in time for the start of the new school year.

Emery Waste Audit Reports 2010-11

Each of Ms. Edwards' Environmental Science classes audited a selection of cafeteria waste: one from the Middle School lunch, and one from the High School lunch. Her classes compared the two samples to try to gain insights about student behaviors, and what they could do to reduce waste at Emery.  Emery has recently taken on food scrap recycling, with the support of the city of Emeryville and the school's own Green Team, a small group of students that meet weekly. The Green Team is drafting a proposal, using the waste audit data, to gain support for food scrap recycling from the principal and custodial staff. The students are also doing a cost-benefit analysis on food scrap recycling, considering that the city will haul food scrapsfor free. The system may be in place as soon as Earth Day of this year!

Check out the Middle School report here.          Read the High School report here.

Emery Middle SchoolEmery Middle School Emery High SchoolEmery High School

Waste-Related Art

Inspired by their waste audit, a few Emery students created waste-related art.

Soda Earrings

Artful earrings made from used (then cleaned!) soda cans.

Action EarringsAction EarringsAction EarringsAction Earrings

Charcoal Art

A student's charcoal drawing to inspire environmental action.

2011 Charcoal Art2011 Charcoal Art

Origami Mobile

Students used junk mail to make origami which they arranged into a mobile.

Origami MobileOrigami Mobile

Recycling Revamp

In November, Emery's environmental science class conducted a waste audit, in which they were surprised to find that people are still throwing away glass and plastic on campus. Inspired by their findings, some students created art work to motivate the school to recycle more. Here's a sampling of their work:

Recycling PosterRecycling Poster

Recycling PostersRecycling Posters

Recycling PosterRecycling Poster