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Hayward High Wins Green Career Academy Grant

In February, Hayward High received notification from the California Department of Education that it has been selected to create a Green Career Academy.  In a rigorous grant application process, Hayward High proposed creating a Green Energy Academy to build on the school's expanding environmental programming.

In starting the Green Energy Academy at Hayward High, the school hopes to design a green curriculum that engages students and prepares them to contribute to a sustainable future in a green career.

This goal will be accomplished in a number of ways. First, courses, such as "Introduction to Energy" or "Environmental Science and Technology," will help engage and introduce students to green-related topics such as renewable energy and recycling. Secondly, with the third largest public high school campus in the state of California, the faculty will incorporate the use of an Ecology Center and local garden into course designs to allow students to take more ownership over the campus. Thirdly, Hayward High intends to partner with local industry, building on existing relationships with PG&E, Solar City, and NUMI organic teas, to provide workshops, mentoring, and potential internships that will lead to entry-level employment.

To learn more about the Green Career Academy Program, visit the California Department of Education website: