StopWaste at School


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In 2009, Irvington was recognized as "America's Greenest School" in a competition sponsored by IC Bus Company.  Irvington has established a number of student led environmental clubs, created a "Green Commissioner" position in student government, and created grade-level wide environmental service-learning projects.  Between 2007-2009, Irvington has diverted over 100,000 pounds of e-waste from landfills, installed solar panels, worked to increase energy efficiency, hosted a community green fair and more. 

Greener Bathrooms

Irvington High School, no rx last year awarded “America’s Greenest School”, link has been setting new, viagra innovative trends for other school to copy when it comes to going green. For example, last month they held a waste audit where over 30 students did a collective analysis on all the trash thrown away. The conclusion of the experiment was: there was too much paper towel thrown away. 


Junior Alex Chung, the go-green commissioner who led the event, has since then been developing and executing new strategies to fix this issue. All bathrooms now have “These Come From Trees” ( stickers. Each sticker encourages people to use less paper while drying their hands, ultimately saves 100 lbs. of paper a year. 


The paper towel itself was the second major issue. The white paper towels were virgin resources with bleach. To combat this issue, Alex drafted 3 different proposals and submitted it to the administration and Fremont Unified School District. Over the course 3 weeks of exchanged emails, the plan was finally ratified by the board. 


These new initiatives are on top of the current waterless urinals installed in the Spring. In conclusion, all these new designs are to ecnourage students to go-green and also to make Irvington live up to it’s title of “America’s Greenest School”.


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E-Waste Recycling November 14th

Irvington High School's High Tech Militia club hosts an ewaste recycling event this Saturday, November 14th from 9AM-4PM in the Irvington High School parking lot 41800 Blacow Rd, Fremont, CA.  For more information visit:

Irvington Students Advocate for Green Education Programs

Students and teachers from Irvington High School attended the StopWaste.Org stakeholders meeting to provide community input into the agency's planning process.  Students encouraged StopWaste.Org to maintain high quality education programs, establish a student position on StopWaste's board of directors and help provide leadership training to high school students to help them become environmental leaders in their homes, schools and communities.

Students also asked sharp questions about the organization of the meeting itself questioning the lack of recycling at the meeting location and the lack of green design principles in the powerpoint presentation.

Out of the 30 table groups represented in the audience, the two tables of Irvington students were the only ones to garner audience-wide applause for their priority recommendations.

Halloween Service-Learning Project

SLWRP Site Coordinator Natalia Skolnik at Irvington reports that: "Our Go Green folks are starting a fundraiser this week via TerraCycle that will reuse these wrappers and make pencil cases, cialis backpacks, viagra order bows, messenger bags, flower pots, etc)  ... They pay 2 cents per candy wraper collected (from Cliff Bar, Frito Lay, Mars, and Stonyfield Farm).  Their website is:  if anyone else wants to do this at their site too.  The kids totally organized it themselves.  To make collecting wrappers easy, they are going to put a reusable shopping bag (green bag with a printed list of all of the types of wrappers they can collect stapled on it) in each classroom, make announcements, and possibly have competitions between rooms."

Message from TerraCycle CEO