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Go-Green Commissioner

Tiffany Ta, <a href=Tiffany Ta, malady 2013-2014 Green Commissioner" width="300" height="200" />In 2009, Irvington High School’s student government created the position of “Go-Green Commissioner” to reduce the environmental impact of student organized activities and other campus-wide events involving the school’s 2000+ students. The Go-Green Commissioner is responsible for campus beautification and the on-going goal of making the campus greener. This position is one of reusing, reducing, and recycling. This commissioner ensures that the IHS campus is kept green and clean.

Tiffany Ta is Irvington’s 2013-2014 Go-Green Commissioner. As a freshman, Ta was inspired by Jasper Lin- a previous commissioner- who helped Irvington win recognition as “America’s Greenest School” in a competition sponsored by IC Bus Company.

As Commissioner, Ta helps lead Irvington’s Green Advisory group, advises ASB and school clubs on best environmental practices for school events, and helps connect outside agencies with the school.

“I have partnered with Safe Routes on many events such as Cocoa for Carpools, Bike Mobile, and Walk and Roll Events. We are planning the Golden Sneaker Contest at this point with Mr. Jackson. The recycling has been delegated instead of me doing it all the time. Clubs and I have been working on ways to improve the overall “greenness of it”. Although I have been in charge of the garbage collection circle for two years now, it is going much more smoothly this year. We have also been throwing ideas back about biodegradable forks and plates to reduce the amount of waste during Club Rush. I am also working with Service Learning and Mr. Willer on our “green” campaign of using less poster paper which includes limiting the places where people can put posters and putting up electronic boards. We are also toying with the idea of painting “ Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday… ect” on a large wall and posting up big news such as winterball and such on these large surfaces to publicize more effectively with less paper.  I have been in charge of green advisory this year and they have been a great support system and I advise any new Go-Green Commissioner to be in the advisory and head it so that you can know what is going on at all times with anything Green.” Tiffany Ta

Cocoa for Carpools

 Walk and Roll to School

Go-Green Commissioner Job Description

Irvington recently updated the job description for the Go Green Commissioner:

The Go- Green Commissioner is here to ensure that what can be done about the greenness of our school is done, this is not limited to campus beautification but also education. This position is one reducing, reusing, and recycling which does not always have to mean objects. They are here to encourage use of more recycled materials and to be as conscientious of the environment of our school as possible. They are here to ensure that the wholesome green environment of IHS is maintained and progresses.  

Required Duties are as stated, but not limited to:

  1. Assisting Student Council as a whole, as needed.
  2. Analyze “green-ness” of all school events. (benchbuilding, club rush day, etc.)
  3. Ensure that all school events (especially where food is being sold) are provided with adequate recycling facilities. 
  4. Head green advisory to streamline school-wide recycling, beautification, and other innovative ideas.
  5. Work with ASB and staff on campus beautification and education.
  6. Work with Clubs Commissioner to create a way of checking greenness of events with master calendar requests.
  7. Serve as the Chairperson of the ecology fair and earth week/day.
  8. Facilitate a proper clean up at the end of first and second round campaigning weeks.
  9. Attend daily leadership class and weekly business meetings.
  10. Delegate the task of recycling.
  11. Work with Safe Routes for events that coincide with the green integrity of IHS.
  12.  Initiate green initiatives that create a better green environment for our school.
  13. Work with Service Learning for the recycling center every Friday.