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The Change Project

Change Project Open HouseChange Project Open House

Working in teams of four, 9th grade students at Irvington High School choose an environmental problem, research it, develop a solution, take action and report out to the community. Since the project's inception over 15 years ago, Irvington students have completed well over 75,000 hours of environmental service to their community.

"The Change Project" is interdisiplinary between Science and English classes at Irvington and is a requirement for all 9th grade students. The Change Project was designed to help students learn about and practice Irvington's four school-wide outcomes (Communication, Critical Thinking, Personal Responsibility, Social Responsibility) while learning key content and skills in English and Science.

Dan Pearce, Change Project CoordinatorDan Pearce, Change Project Coordinator

Each spring, Irvington hosts the Change Project Open House where students present their research and service projects to the broader community. This year's projects included food scrap diversion, rainwater harvesting, dental waste, plastic pollution, cosmetics recycling, pesticides, crayon recycling, overfishing, honey bee decline, and many other interesting topics.

Nearly 1000 people are estimated to have participated in this year's open house.

In advance of the Open House, students present their findings during classroom presentations. Here is a sample of a project about plastic, and another about tire recycling.