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Small green cup, big brown boxSmall green cup, big brown boxRecently, a package arrived at the household of Irvington teacher Clint Johns in Fremont, CA.  The package was for his wife and contained a small glass cup she had ordered online.  The Johns' family was shocked by the large size of the packaging compared to the item that was ordered.  Modeling best practices that Johns hopes to instill in his students, he crafted a letter to the company encouraging them to do better:

Good morning,

My wife just received a package from your company that was completely oversized and on the invoice indicated “We’re sorry, but 1 unit(s) of the following item were not available in the warehouse. You will not be invoiced for this item until it ships”. My wife ordered a 5 oz glass cup (customer … order …) and it came in a box measuring 6”x8”x10”; the box is several magnitudes in size larger than it needs to be in order to package a glass cup. We are extremely shocked at such an excessive package and want your department to be aware of this.

We will be most certainly NOT be purchasing from this company again unless change has been implemented and shudder at the thought that the rest of this order will be coming in an equally oversized package that wastes even more natural resources. If in conversation our friends suggest purchasing from your company, we will NOT be speaking highly of your business practices with regards to social stewardship. Please take a stand and use socially responsible packaging in your business model, as it does impact your bottom line with how customers perceive your business.

Thank you in advance,

Clint Johns