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More Than Meets The Eye

Tully Mintey’s Sculpture 1 class celebrated Earth Day at Irvington High School by mounting an exhibition featuring the creative reuse of cardboard.

The project started over a month ago when Mr. Mintey asked students to draw their idea of a robot.  Students worked then worked in groups to assemble the best features of their individual drawings into one master design concept.  Mintey’s class watched a video on the creative reuse of materials in art projects and sustainable craft making, vialis 40mg then watched the 1980’s animated Transformers movie.  Classroom discussions focused on the use of stacked boxy geometric shapes as the foundational design element of the 1980’s robots.

Students working in teams created life-sized robot models with unique features.  A number of the designs were built as robot costumes that are wearable by an actor.  Other groups scoured the trash to find inspiration to add to their robot’s creativity.

The robots are on display at Irvington’s Black Box Theatre April 22-23.