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Student Leaders Promote Waste Reduction

Waste Diversion StationWaste Diversion Station

Student leaders from Irvington High School organized a monitored waste disposal station as part of this year's multi-cultural week activities.  Students set up a centralized waste station in the center of the courtyard that included green waste, recycling, and landfill bins.  Student leaders monitored the bins to make sure that students properly disposed of waste and diverted as much material from the landfill as possible. 

Multi-cultural week is one of the largest student organized events on campus and includes sales of traditional foods from around the world.  Student government implemented a purchasing policy this year encouraging environmentally friendly product decisions.  A small number of clubs violated the students' ban on styrofoam and were fined by the student body club commissioner.

Irvington received assistance from the City of Fremont's Environmental Services Division which loaned students 11 green bins to assist with food scrap and food soiled paper diversion.