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Irvington Wins Grant to Expand Food Scrap Program


Irvington High School won a $2900 grant from the Altamont Education Advisory Board to expand food scrap diversion.  In 2008, Irvington pioneered food scrap diversion withcommercial green waste composting from its kitchen galley.  The kitchen staff diverts food scraps, food soiled cardboard, waxed cardboard and other organic materials into Allied Waste's commercial composting system.  The Altamont Education Advisory Board Grant will allow Irvington to expand the program so that students may also compost food scraps.

Irvington's grant was written by 11th grade student Alex Chung.  In the application, Chung proposes to put green waste bins in the cafeteria and the 20 classrooms with the highest portion of food scraps identified through waste audits.  Chung's goal is to divert 70% of all compostables within six months of implementation.

Irvington plans to use classroom presentations and social media to get the word out about the importance of food scrap diversion and to post updates about the project to the school's website.