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Bin Czars at Island High School

To help manage new waste reduction systems on campus, ambulance Island High School created the role of "Bin Czar." The role of Bin Czar can be taken on by students interested in completing an out-of-class time contract with their teacher. Island offers a variety of contracts to students who need to earn extra credits towards graduation. Bin Czars must:

  • Attend Bin Czar training during advisory
  • Give instructions to their advisory about how to sort trash into the blue bin, green bin, and grey bin.
  • Check bins every day during advisory and re-sort as necessary.
  • Empty classroom blue bin into large outside blue bin during advisory every day.
  • Give feedback to your advisory (how well are they sorting?) every three weeks or more as needed.
  • Bring questions, concerns, and suggestions for improvement to Island Go Green Coordinator.
  • Write a short summary about how well your advisory sorted trash during the hex and include at least one suggestion for improvement.

pdfClick here to see a copy of the Bin Czar contract.17.88 KB