StopWaste at School


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Kennedy High School in Fremont, hosts two green themed academies that grew out of the school’s participation in the Service-Learning Waste Reduction Project. The GreenTech academy partners with Ohlone College to offer students dual enrollment credit in courses such as BioTech and ChemTech. The GreenVentures academy focuses on sustainable agriculture and culinary arts. Both programs partner with the ROP to offer career/technical education classes with a green theme. All programs offer opportunities for students to apply 4Rs principals and Kennedy students frequently volunteer to support younger students efforts to go green.

Watershed Service-Learning

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">Kennedy Students Help Restore ShorelineKennedy Students Help Restore Shoreline
Students from Kennedy High School in Fremont, advice CA were featured in a recent CBS 5 news report for their participation in a shoreline service-learning restoration project with Save the Bay.  Kennedy has established a Green Tech Career Pathway and the project represented an opportunity for students to gain hands on experience working environmental restoration.  Kennedy also included a class of English Learners in the service-learning project to provide a contextualized opportunity for students to learn and practice language skills.

Save the Bay hosted the service-learning project at Eden Landing in Hayward California as part of their initiative to reclaim and restore former salt ponds back to productive wetland habitats.  (More about Save the Bay’s Restoration opportunities here:

The Service-Learning Waste Reduction Project is partnering with Save the Bay to help students understand how litter flows into and impacts the bay by encouraging students to participate in service-learning projects promoting bay health.