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Kennedy Students Make Big Impact at Fremont’s Earth Day Festival

Even as Kennedy High School students work to reduce their impact on the planet, cheap they seek to have a large influence on the community. Dozens of students from KennedyHigh School hosted booths at the City of Fremont’s Earth Day Festival on Saturday, buy April 24, 2010.

Students taught community members how to reuse newspaper to create seedling pots for the garden.  Participating community members received planted seeds to take home.  Kennedy’s Culinary Arts students cooked and sold vegetarian chili, carrot cake cupcakes and sun tea as a fund raiser for the Tri-City Foodbank.  Kennedy’s photography students installed an exhibit of nature photography from the gardens on campus while a digital art class entered posters in an Earth Day poster competition.  Kennedy students from the Mission Valley Regional Occupational Program housed next door to KennedyHigh School explained the new GreenTech construction class teaching roofing and solar installation.

Other projects included a display describing a lab in a biotech class investigating traditional herbal remedies, recycled fashions created by the Environment Club and two huge quilts made of snack bags collected during just one week. Each display measured larger than 100 square feet and contained hundreds of chip bags.

When asked what the school could do about the chip bag problem, one sharp young student from Kennedy replied, “Well, they could start by selling us healthier food!  We shouldn’t be eating this stuff in the first place- it’s bad for our health and bad for the planet.”

This year, KennedyHigh School established a Green Ventures program that provides career training in green jobs for agriculture and culinary arts.  The new program compliments the existing GreenTech program established two years ago.  It looks like students are already taking the lessons to heart.