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Recycling at JFK

What does recycling mean? It means to convert waste into reusable material. Recyclable materials include many kinds of glass, paper, metal, plastic, textiles, and electronics. Although similar in effect, the composting or other reuse of biodegradable waste, such as food or garden waste, is not typically considered recycling. Although the concept of recycling and reusing is preached in the schools, on the television set, and on billboards, people don't take it seriously enough. Recycling is plainly returning an item back to its original condition so that it can be reused.

Recycling is so important to the welfare of our community that California passed a law that required all of its counties and cities to cut the amount of waste going to their landfills in half. Possibly a more important reason to recycle is because it will reduce pollution risks in our environment and society. Perhaps the most obvious way it will be able to do this is by keeping waste out of landfills, which can introduce contaminants and other toxins into groundwater systems. Recycling also keeps materials out of incinerators, which can pollute the air and create severe ash residue. Furthermore, recycling lowers environmental damage caused by logging, mining, as well as other methods that facilitate the procreation of raw materials. Most importantly, recycling prevents the emissions of many greenhouse gasses and water pollutants.

Here at JFK, our motto is to reuse, rot, recycle, and reduce. We have a variety of clubs on our campus, such as, 540 and Environmental Club. The 540 Club started in the early 90s, and it is the most active club on our campus. The 540 Club has helped our campus in many ways; for example, the members of the 540 Club recycle during advisory and then use the money towards campus beautification. Recycling funds have purchased tools, soil, and food to give to the students who are earning service-learning hours for coming to the campus beautification.

The Environmental Club also focuses on recycling, they make stuff that can be reused for anything, and they organize an annual fashion show with reused clothing. They reuse the clothes that people throw away and sell them and use the money for more supplies. Last year, we had a waste audit conducted by the Green Tech Academy; the purpose was to see how many students recycle and how efficiently we recycle. Furthermore, some of the academy students went to each advisory to teach them how to recycle. The waste audit and follow up lessons had a big impact on the students on our campus, at the end of the school year the Green Tech Academy conducted another waste audit and our waste on the campus decreased. Our efforts at JFK are making a difference.

Guest post by JFK student Harpreet Kaur