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New computers at Livermore High save energy

Republished from Livermore High School's blog

"Thin Client" Stations"Thin Client" StationsLHS is swapping out older Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) iMacs in favor of new "Thin Client" HP computers. This change is occurring in order to use less electricity.

As much as we appreciated having older refurbished iMacs for student use in labs, they used quite a bit of electricity. So, in cooperation with PG&E, and the Energy Conservation Committee of LVJUSD, the older iMacs are being eWasted and ultra-efficient thin client computers are being installed.

PG&E will provide a $60 rebate per CRT computer eWasted. The monetary savings from reduced energy use will pay for the cost of the upgrade.

Thin client computers have no moving parts. There is no fan motor and have no motorized hard disk, so much less energy is needed to operate. Flash memory is utilized, and programs are stored on the LHS server. The LHS server is being upgraded to handle our seventy-seven new thin client computers.

Less energy will be consumed at LHS. Newer, faster computers will be used by students. A win, win!