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Native Plants and Drip Irrigation

Tree Planting at Livermore HighTree Planting at Livermore HighWestern Redbuds and Ceanothus are blooming alongside the Science Quad at Livermore High School! This Eagle Scout project used concepts from the school's AP Environmental Science Class: California native plants, and an efficient drip irrigation system.

From the standpoint of the student, much of this project was in design and coordination with the school authorities. Consultation and approval were needed from the Principal, and with the grounds keepers, and with the AP Environmental Science teacher. Approval to tap into the watering system, along with designing the pressure step-down and filtration system was no small task.

Soil preparation, excavation, drainage as well as planting, and eventual coverage with mulch was planned out and implemented by the student project leader.

California native plants which belong in the Livermore Valley will succeed for many years. Consultation at Alden Lane nursery led to choosing the Redbud and Ceanothus. California natives, along with use of drip irrigation systems, will reduce Livermore High's use of a precious resource, fresh water.

Republished from The LHS Recycling Blog