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Compostumbler at Livermore High

Composting on CampusComposting on CampusNow that Livermore High is separating out a fair amount of compostable material at they needed more places to compost it. The school has built compost bins in the past, and has four commercially purchased box shaped composters. However turning over the compost, and keeping rodents out of the composting apples and bread can be a problem.

The solution has been to install the Commercial sized Compostumbler. Purchase was made possible with grant money from the Altamont Education Advisory Board.

Compostumbler AssemblyCompostumbler AssemblyStudents collect compostables from the campus recycling station "compost" bins. Most materials need to be cleansed of non-compostable materials, and broken into small pieces. Yard trimmings, both green and dried/brown are mixed in. Periodically the crank is turned, and the entire batch is turned over within the Compostumbler. The compost is finally placed in planter boxes in the school's organic garden.

Assembly turned out to be fairly detailed, and luckily the young lady bolting this together was able to escape prior to final assembly.

Republished from The LHS Recycling Blog