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Recycling for CRV at Livermore High

Roll the DumpsterRoll the DumpsterLivermore High School and Waste Management have partnered in an agreement to help the school redeem CRV materials such as bottles and cans for cash.  Students collect the CRV materials on campus and haul them to the recyling dumpster.  Students then wheel the dumpster out for pick-up by Waste Management who hauls it to the recyling center on Old First Street, which writes out a check to the school.

Within a week or so a check arrives for the student club that hauled the recycled materials from the recycle stations to the dumpsters. Without students doing the work, none of this would happen. The check is usually between $110 and $180 dollars for the dumpster of plastic or aluminum. LHS recycles around twenty dumpster-loads a year. That is a large amount of material that will not go to the landfill. And, it is a huge quantity that the school's custodians do not have to carry around and deal with.

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