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Livermore High Student Wins Recycling Grant

Livermore High GymLivermore High Gym"We want to strategically place simple and easily accessible recycling stations in both the main and auxillary gyms.  Our goal is to maximize the amount of plastic and aluminum recycled."

Livermore High School won a $2800 grant from the Altamont Education Advisory Board to expand on-campus recycling opportunities to the main and auxiliary gyms. The grant will fund the construction of specialized recycling stations to meet the needs of one of the most used areas of campus.

The gym is used by both the school and neighborhood communities to host games, practices, dances, and other special large-crowd events that frequently produce high quantities of recyclable bottles and cans.

Senior student Brooke Betts wrote the winning grant application and shared her thoughts about the application process in an online interview with

How & when did you notice the need for recycling stations in the gym?

Well the rest of our campus has already acquired recycling stations, due to Mr. Bailey's persistent hard work. However as a basketball player I use the gym for at least three quarters of the school year as well as most of the summer. I noticed that the gym only had one small bin that always seemed to be overflowing with bottles and cans. I figured if the rest of the school has recycling stations that the gym deserves one too.

A wide range of people will be involved in the design and construction of the bins. Could you briefly describe their roles?

I am working with other students and teachers to figure out the features and design that will be appropriate for the gymnasium. We’ll then hand off our ideas to Mr. Mike Waltz and his Green Engineering Academy , a club on LHS campus. They will decide upon the materials the station will be made out of and all other technical elements. Once the design is final and approved by the school, we will send off the product design to Mr. Porter of the ROP class to build the actual recycling station.

What special features will the bins have?

The bins will be a double compartment station, one compartment for aluminum and one for plastics. The design will have signs and pictures on the front to attract attention and a "pro recycling" message. Each compartment will have locks to prevent other students and citizens from stealing the recyclables which has been a serious problem on LHS campus (however inside a locked gym the problem will be much less severe.) The most important element of the design is that the station will be on wheels. Because of the various events and setting the gym is used for, the station must be easily movable and not damage the new gym floor.