StopWaste at School


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Mandela High School hosts a career academy focused on law, public service and environmental justice.  The school strives to empower students to recognize, confront and solve challenges on campus and in the community through direct service projects and advocacy for policies to improve systems. As part of a campus beautification campaign, the students installed a garden on the mostly paved campus- according to one teacher, "Our garden is flourishing, and our hopes are growing too!"

Mandela High Students Take on Stryofoam

A team of seniors at the Mandela High School for Law and Public Service in Oakland has chosen the topic of Styrofoam for their senior project.  The city of Oakland currently bans Styrofoam in most commercial restaurant settings and the students would like to see the Oakland Unified School District adopt similar measures.  In a recent waste audit, store students discovered that although Styrofoam represents a fraction of the weight of the schools garbage, viagra 40mg it does take up the greatest volume. 

EarthTeam is working with the students on their Waste Action Campaign and has shared the following resources related to Styrofoam bans in California cities: