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Marie Cruz - EarthTeam February 2012 Student of the Month

~ Republished from EarthTeam ~

Maria CruzMaria CruzMaria Cruz, who is a freshman, really enjoys the small, tight knit community MetWest provides. Maria is currently a leader in the freshman Environmental Science and Gardening class.  She would one day like to contribute to the health of her community by being a nurse. In the meantime she participates in after school activities, like Youth Venture, focused on creating better community environments through murals and cultural understanding.

Maria demonstrated great deal of leadership skills and enthusiasm in EarthTeam's Waste Action Program. She led several activities that encouraged  and inspired her peers. In particular, she led a classroom discussion that focused and shed light on the views on “waste” in our society, and the vital role that youth play in this equation. It is evident that Maria is invested in the environment as well as her education,  the Waste Action Program congratulates her as student of the month!  


MetWest Sustainability Projects

The 9th and 12th grade students from MetWest's Environmental Science classes are collaborating to create two school wide initiaitives. The first, a recycling and aluminum can redemption program, will lauch in early April. The second is a cafeteria food scrap composting project.

With data gathered from our Waste Audit, students recognized that more than 1/5 of our waste was food related, and students wanted to turn those leftovers into treasure. Students in the environmental science classes will educate their peers about the importance of waste reduction, and how we can take action at a local level and make simple lifestyle shifts that can have a tremendous impact on the environment.

Students have a target goal to reduce our carbon footprint significantly. We are currently sending 80% of our school's waste to the landfills that could be either recycled or composted. We are hoping to achieve an initial target of cutting our waste in half by the end of April.

MetWest Waste Audit Report 2010-11

MetWest Waste AuditMetWest Waste Audit23 MetWest students had the unique opportunity to audit trash from across their school campus, stomach as the campus is not very big (131 students). The 9th and 12th grade students discovered a fair amount of recyclable material in their waste stream, cialis and noted that often times, ambulance recycling bins in the classrooms were used as trash cans. Students also discovered quite a bit of compostable material and uneaten food (lots of unopened individually packaged salads!). After the audit, students talked about possible action projects they could undertake, such as making recycling in the classrooms easier for the students as well as the custodian, and setting up a worm composting bin to supplement their planned school garden.

See the full report here.