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Green Service Week at MSJHS

Green Service Week Trashy Fashion ShowGreen Service Week Trashy Fashion ShowStudents and teachers at Mission San Jose High School launched the school's first ever "Green Service Week" March 26-30, 2012.

Guest speaker Anthony Chavez, Cesar Chavez's grandson, kicked off the week by discussing Chavez's environmental legacy, including his efforts to limit the use and impact of pesticides on farmworkers and the food we eat.

Green Service Week organizers encouraged all students to focus on food choices- including packaging- and students worked to pack healthy, zero-waste lunches.

On Tuesday, students organized a screening of Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" to highlight the challenges of climate change and to emphasize how small actions and choices by billions of individuals add up to large impacts- and that it is up to us to decide if those choices will be positive or negative.

Throughout the week, student artists created works from re-used materials to highlight environmental themes. Entries were judged on Friday with recognition going to works in both 2D and 3D categories (Judging criteria and contest rules here.)

Students used a range of materials including discarded plastic bottles, e-waste, scrap paper and cloth to create a wide range of entries.

Green Service Week culminated with a Trashy Fashion Show. Student clubs created clothing from trash materials and competed for a trophy and $50.00 donation to the club. The winning entry featured a had and bag woven from "plarn" strands of "plastic yarn" made from strips of disposable plastic bags.

Other creative entries included a dress made from pres-ironed plastic bags, and a newspaper suit made by members of the school newspaper who used the event to tout the recycled content paper and soy based inks used by the school newspaper.